Codetru, a leading technology solutions provider, partnered with a client in the sugar industry facing challenges in developing an AI-augmented omnichannel sugar sales and insights system. This case study explores how Codetru successfully developed a mobile application that addressed the client's problem and revolutionized their sales processes.


Problem Statement

The client, a sugar industry player, struggled with optimizing their sugar sales processes across multiple channels while obtaining valuable insights to drive business growth. They faced difficulties in efficiently managing pricing, communicating price changes to stakeholders, and gathering real-time analytics for decision-making. They sought a comprehensive solution to streamline their sales operations and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for dynamic pricing.



Data Integration

Training the AI models required extensive data preparation, algorithm selection, and model validation to ensure accurate and reliable pricing predictions.

AI Model Training

Ensuring seamless mobile application integration with the client's existing systems and databases.

User Adoption

Encouraging user adoption of the new system by providing intuitive user interfaces and conducting comprehensive training sessions.



Codetru undertook a two-phase approach to solve the client's challenges effectively. In order to complete it faster, we leveraged the DevOps-based appraoch.

Phase 1: Digitizing Sales Process and Implementing Core Modules

In this phase, Codetru developed a mobile application encompassing various modules, including:

Customer/Agent Flow :Streamlined the sales process for customers and agents, enabling seamless interaction and order placement.

Pricing Engine :Built an intelligent price engine that considered multiple factors, such as market demand, supply, competitor prices, and internal parameters, to determine the best sugar price.

Analytics :Incorporated analytics capabilities to capture and analyze real-time data, empowering the client with valuable insights into sales patterns, customer preferences, and market trends.

Admin Module :Implemented an administrative module to manage product catalog, pricing rules, and user permissions.

Phase 2: AI-Based Sales Price Models

Building upon the foundation of Phase 1, Codetru integrated AI algorithms into the pricing engine. These AI-based sales price models utilized machine learning techniques to optimize pricing strategies dynamically. The models leveraged historical data, market conditions, and customer behavior patterns to determine the most competitive and profitable sugar prices in real time.



Sales Process Efficiency

A. Reduced manual effort in the sales process by 70%.
B. Increased order placement accuracy by 34%.

Dynamic Pricing

A. Achieved a 13% increase in sales revenue through optimized pricing strategies.
B. Reduced pricing errors by 89%.

Real-time Insights

A. Empowered the client with actionable insights into customer preferences and market trends.
B. Enabled data-driven decision-making, resulting in a 21% reduction in excess inventory.

Customer Satisfaction 

A. Improved customer experience through streamlined sales processes and personalized pricing.
B. Increased customer retention rate by 19%.


Through its expertise in developing cutting-edge technology solutions, Codetru successfully addressed the client's challenges in developing an AI-augmented omnichannel sugar sales and insights system. The mobile application, implemented in two phases, transformed the client's sales operations, optimizing pricing strategies, providing real-time insights, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. The collaboration with Codetru empowered the client to stay competitive in the sugar industry and achieve sustainable growth. 

These results demonstrate the successful implementation of the emergency medical services mobile application, showcasing the positive impact on user adoption, efficiency, accessibility, and reach within the healthcare sector. Codetru's expertise in mobile application development and integration provided a comprehensive solution that addressed the client's requirements and delivered tangible benefits.