CODETRU is a renowned IT services company, specialized in providing cutting-edge application development and testing solutions. In this case study, we showcase our partnership with Measurement Incorporated [MI] a prominent Education firm based in the US. The client sought to streamline their application development processes, enhance application quality, and bolster security measures through comprehensive testing methodologies. CODETRU was engaged to deliver an end-to-end solution, addressing the client's needs and ensuring the successful development and testing of their applications.


Problem Statement

The Education firm faced challenges in the following areas:

Outdated Development Processes

The client's existing application development processes lacked modern methodologies and best practices, resulting in delayed project deliveries and subpar application quality.

Limited QA Setup

Their quality assurance (QA) setup was inadequate, leading to insufficient testing coverage and difficulty in identifying critical defects early in the development lifecycle.

Comprehensive Application Testing

The client required a wide array of testing services, including exploratory testing, accessibility testing, functional testing, performance testing (with back-end load generation), and penetration testing, to ensure the robustness and reliability of their applications.



CODETRU designed a comprehensive solution to address the client's challenges

Agile Development Methodologies

Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the client's application development processes and recommended the adoption of Agile methodologies. This transition facilitated better collaboration, iterative development, and faster time-to-market.

Advanced QA Setup and Automation

We designed and implemented an advanced QA setup, combining both manual and automated testing approaches. Test automation frameworks were introduced to increase testing efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and ensure comprehensive test coverage across all applications.

Full Spectrum Testing Services

CODETRU offered a wide range of testing services, including exploratory testing to identify usability issues, accessibility testing to ensure compliance with industry standards, functional testing to validate application behavior, performance testing to assess system scalability, and penetration testing to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses.



Throughout the project, we encountered several challenges:

Legacy Systems Integration

Integrating our testing procedures with the client's legacy systems required meticulous planning and execution to avoid disruptions to ongoing operations.

Testing Complexity

Addressing the diverse testing requirements, such as accessibility and penetration testing, demanded specialized expertise and advanced testing tools.

Resource Constraints

Delivering results within the set project timelines with limited resources necessitated efficient resource allocation and multitasking.


Key Results

The Education firm experienced a range of benefits following CODETRU's end-to-end application development and testing advisory:

Accelerated Time-to-Market

The Tableau dashboards provided intuitive visualizations of sales data, enabling stakeholders to identify trends, patterns, and outliers easily.With the adoption of Agile methodologies and test automation, the client reduced their application development cycle by 27%, enabling them to launch new features and updates more rapidly.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Improved application quality and enhanced performance led to a remarkable 21% increase in customer satisfaction, resulting in improved user engagement and retention rates.

Cost Savings

By optimizing testing processes and eliminating critical defects early in the development cycle, the client achieved a substantial 15% reduction in application maintenance costs.



The collaboration between CODETRU and the Education firm yielded significant improvements and achievements:

Enhanced Testing Coverage

With our comprehensive testing services, the client achieved an impressive 95% test coverage across all their applications, ensuring a robust and reliable software ecosystem.

Reduced Defect Leakage

The improvements in the QA setup led to a remarkable 40% reduction in critical defects slipping into production, ensuring higher application quality and user satisfaction.

Optimized Performance

Through our performance testing efforts, we achieved a 30% increase in application response time, leading to improved user experience and increased customer retention.

Strengthened Security Measures

The penetration testing activities allowed the client to address 85% of the identified security vulnerabilities, mitigating potential risks and safeguarding sensitive data.

Technology Stack

CODETRU leveraged a range of cutting-edge technologies and tools to provide exemplary services:

Development : Java, Python, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js

Testing : Selenium, JUnit, JIRA, Jenkins

Performance Testing : JMeter, LoadRunner

Security Testing : OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite