Problem Statement

​Our client, a prominent pharmaceutical company, faced several operational challenges that hindered efficiency and innovation within their organization. They struggled with outdated and disjointed software systems, which led to data silos, slow decision-making processes, and compliance issues. To remain competitive in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape, they sought CODETRU's expertise in application development to address these critical issues.



​CODETRU collaborated closely with the pharmaceutical company to design and implement a comprehensive application development strategy. The key solutions included:

Centralized Drug Distribution Hub

​a. Developed a centralized platform where all manufactured drugs were received and managed by the Sales head.
b. Implemented automated inventory management to track stock levels and facilitate efficient distribution.

Area Manager Allocation

a. ​Designed a system to assign area managers responsible for distributing drugs to doctors based on geographical locations and demand patterns.
b. Integrated real-time tracking to monitor deliveries and ensure timely access to pharmaceutical products.

Video-Based Drug Information Sharing

​​a. Created a user-friendly platform for pharmaceutical manufacturers to upload 30-60-second video clips detailing essential drug information.
b. Doctors could access these videos at their convenience, gaining quick insights without the need for lengthy paper documents.

Feedback and Decision Support

​​a. Incorporated a feedback mechanism that allowed doctors to provide input on the drugs they received.
b. Implemented decision support algorithms to analyze feedback and determine whether drugs should be distributed to end-users or returned for further development.



1. Ensuring data privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, in handling sensitive patient and drug information.

2. Developing a user-friendly platform for doctors that required minimal training and provided an intuitive experience.

3. Integrating the new platform with existing pharmaceutical distribution and inventory systems.



The implementation of CODETRU's one-stop platform for pharmaceutical distribution and feedback resulted in significant benefits for our client:

Streamlined Distribution

Reduced distribution time and costs by 20% through automated processes and real-time tracking.

Enhanced Drug Information Access

Doctors could quickly access drug information via short videos, improving their understanding and decision-making.

Improved Feedback Loop

Established a direct feedback channel from doctors to manufacturers, enabling continuous product improvement.

Increased Efficiency

Reduced the need for printed documents and paperwork, resulting in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective process.



CODETRU's one-stop platform had a transformative impact on our client's pharmaceutical distribution and feedback process:

Enhanced Doctor Engagement

Improved doctor engagement and satisfaction by providing convenient access to drug information.

Competitive Advantage

Gained a competitive edge by delivering pharmaceutical products more efficiently and adapting to modern communication preferences.

Regulatory Excellence

Demonstrated industry leadership by maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations.


Technology Stack

Our solution leveraged a robust technology stack, including:

1. Web Development: React.js, Node.js

2. Video Hosting: Quickbytes integration, AWS S3

3. Inventory Management: Custom-built inventory system

4. Feedback Analysis: Machine learning algorithms

In conclusion, CODETRU's one-stop platform revolutionized our client's pharmaceutical distribution process, facilitating efficient drug delivery to doctors and enhancing their decision-making capabilities. This case study highlights the significant impact of technology-driven solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.