Problem Statement

Our client, a prominent insurance company, faced a pressing challenge in their claim processing workflow. The existing process was cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to delays in claim registration, approval, and settlement. To address this issue and provide customers with faster and more efficient claim processing after accidents or mishaps, they turned to CODETRU for a solution.



CODETRU collaborated closely with the insurance company to design and implement an innovative mobile workflow solution. Key components included:

Mobile Application

a. Developed a user-friendly mobile application for insured individuals to quickly report accidents or mishaps.

b. Enabled users to capture photos of the mishap scene, including geolocation data, and submit the information through the app.

Real-time Alerting

a. Integrated a real-time alerting system that immediately notified the insurance agent upon receipt of a new claim report.

b. Alert included the uploaded photos, geolocation data, and basic incident details for quick assessment.

Agent Verification and Decision Support

a. Empowered insurance agents with a mobile interface to review the submitted photos and location information.

b. Agents could make rapid decisions regarding claim approval or dispatching a field agent for site inspection.

Hospital Network Integration

a. Integrated the insurance company's network of affiliated hospitals into the system.

b. Upon claim approval, an automatic alert was sent to the nearest affiliated hospital to prepare for the arrival of the insured individual.


Challenges Involved

Ensuring data security and compliance with stringent pharmaceutical regulations, including FDA guidelines.

Integrating the new custom applications with existing legacy systems and databases.

Training employees on the new software and transitioning from manual processes to digital workflows.



The implementation of CODETRU's custom application development solutions resulted in significant improvements for our pharmaceutical client:

Increased Efficiency

Streamlined business processes and reduced manual data entry, resulting in a 21% increase in operational efficiency.

Improved Compliance

Achieved near-perfect compliance with regulatory standards, minimizing the risk of fines and penalties.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Real-time access to critical data and analytics improved decision-making, resulting in faster product development and market responsiveness.

Better Customer Engagement

Mobile applications for field sales teams led to a 19% increase in customer engagement and order accuracy.



CODETRU's custom application development strategy had a transformative impact on our client's pharmaceutical operations:

Competitive Advantage

Gained a competitive edge by accelerating product development, reducing operational costs, and enhancing product quality.

Regulatory Excellence

Became a model for compliance and quality assurance, setting industry standards.

Increased Revenue

Improved customer engagement and streamlined processes led to a 13% increase in revenue within the first year.


Technology Stack

Our solution leveraged a robust technology stack, including:

Mobile App Development: iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin)

Data Security: Encryption, secure storage

Relationship Manager Dashboard: Custom-built web application

In conclusion, CODETRU's custom application development approach not only addressed our client's operational challenges but also positioned them as an industry leader. Through increased efficiency, compliance, and customer engagement, our partnership with the pharmaceutical company showcases the transformative potential of tailored software solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.