Problem Statement

The client is a renowned name within the software community, and has been in this industry for over 10+ years. As digital transformation was changing the face of industries, our client was looking for more holistic solution and create digital Signature platform. They were looking for experienced technical partners to collaborate with them in this journey.



We have years of experience in creating digital solutions for companies operating in Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance, eCommerce, Healthcare, etc. It helped us understand our client needs, the unique user base, and how this solution will impact the lives of users. Having core technical expertise further helped us create a holistic solution. Here's what we did:

  • The portal is designed to facilitate the signed documents between multiple users. There are multiple custom annotations that Users can select while sending/receiving documents from different Users groups.
  • Solutions were implemented wherein every step and action was audited in order to provide a detailed report to the users' post signature completion.
  • A completion certificate was also designed to help get clarity on the document journey from the creation to signing and then the authenticity of it.

All the security standards were implemented to ensure that the whole experience is safe and enables our clients and their users to easily navigate through the different options.



The company already had an existing system that had to be moved to a much better, efficient, and digital platform with a Digital signature portal. This had to be customized to fit the client's existing setup and at the same time adhere to the country's regulations and security parameters. The client's requirement was simple - Give us a Digital Signature Platform to securely send/receive signed documents to and from users.



First and foremost, it helped out client to increase the speed at which documents were sent/received for verification and authentication. It helped to get the whole team aboard the digital platform because now the team was able to do much more than work with a huge pile of documents every day. Our client was able to save money, resources, and a lot of time in the documentation process.


Technology Stack

Our solution leveraged a robust technology stack, including:

Frontend - React.js

Backend - Node.js

Framework - Express.js

Database - MongoDB , MySQL

PDFTron - 3rd Party API