Problem Statement

The client is a leading paint and coatings company headquartered in India. The company offers modular kitchen solutions, through an independent subsidiary. To help their agents provide best-in-class service to the customers, the clients wanted to build a mobile application as a one-step-solution to receive, track, process, and resolve customer complaints



We enabled the client to build a mobile application that would allow the client to show registered complaints to relevant agents and track the progress of their complaints. The mobile application was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a simple registration process and intuitive interface.

To populate complaints in the app;

  • We built a flow by developing an integration with the clients’ Customer Relationship Management [CRM] system.
  • Once a complaint is registered with the Support agent and assigned to the relevant agent in the CRM, we will retrieve the complaints on the mobile application.
  • The agent can communicate with the customer through the application to book service visits and update them on the progress of the complaint.

We also build several other interfaces to help the client’s agents categorize the nature of complaints and allow them to fill in more information during their visits. These interfaces include 

  • Demos
  • Cleaning Requests
  • Contract Services
  • Installations

Moreover, the mobile application could register material requests which allowing the clients’ agents not just to request materials as needed but track their status. This helped them provide better service to the customer by staying top on every important aspect of service delivery.



The mobile application significantly improved the customer service experience for the client’s agents. The mobile application also streamlined the complaint management process for the client, making it more efficient and effective.

In addition to improving customer service, the mobile application also provided valuable insights to the client. The client can now analyze customer complaints data and identify trends and patterns, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to improve their services.

Overall, the mobile application proved a resounding success for the client. It improved the customer service experience, streamlined the complaint management process, and provided valuable insights for the company.

Technology Stack

Front End (FE): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Back End: Core Java

API Framework: APIGEE

Mobile Development:Ionic

Database:SAP HANA