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What we do

Specialized Testing Services Tailored to Your Tech Stack

Discover the difference with specialized testing services tailored to your unique technology stack. Our expertise covers a wide range of specialties, ensuring thorough coverage and exceptional results for your software. Explore our offerings and let us optimize your testing process.


DWBI Testing

Trustworthy insights start with reliable data. Optimize your data warehouses and business intelligence systems with accurate data integration, performance enhancements, and robust security testing.


AI/ML Testing

Empower reliable and trustworthy AI/ML models. We ensure data quality, fairness, and explainability through comprehensive validation, testing, and assessment.


IoT Testing

Connect seamlessly, function flawlessly. Secure seamless interconnectivity and functionality across your Internet of Things devices with device behavior simulation, network performance testing, and in-depth security assessments.


Blockchain Testing

Build trust, ensure security. Guarantee the integrity and security of your blockchain applications with smart contract audits, performance benchmarking, and interoperability testing.


ERP Testing

Optimize your mission-critical systems. Ensure smooth operations and data integrity with data migration validation, user acceptance testing, and thorough integration testing for your ERP systems.


Cloud Testing

Scale with confidence and perform flawlessly. We tailor scalability testing, load testing, and security assessments to your chosen cloud environment, ensuring your cloud-based applications perform flawlessly and securely.

Our Approach

Our Specialized Testing Approach: Beyond Checkboxes, Towards Excellence

At codetru, we believe specialized testing is more than just ticking boxes. It's about unlocking the true potential of your software, ensuring it delivers exceptional value and outshines the competition. Our unique approach combines deep expertise, collaborative partnerships, and data-driven insights to achieve just that.

1. Tech Expertise

Our team dives deep into your specific technology - mobile apps, AI, blockchain, you name it - ensuring tests go beyond the surface and identify issues generic testing might miss.

2. Hand-in-Hand Collaboration

We don't just test, we partner. By understanding your vision, goals, and audience, we create a testing strategy that aligns perfectly with your project roadmap, driving impactful results.

3. Data-Driven Decisions

Forget guesswork. We leverage cutting-edge tools and industry best practices to gather actionable insights throughout the process. This data fuels our testing, ensuring we prioritize critical areas, design targeted tests, and measure effectiveness for continuous improvement.

4. Future-Proofed Solutions

The tech landscape evolves, and so do we. We actively seek industry advancements and refine our methodologies to offer the most up-to-date solutions, ensuring your software is resilient and adaptable to emerging trends and platforms.

5. Open Communication

Building trust is key. We provide regular progress reports, detailed insights, and clear communication throughout the entire process. This open collaboration fosters informed decision-making and a truly collaborative experience.

Why Codetru

Why Choose Us for Specialized Testing?

At Codetru, we're passionate about enabling companies to build best-in-class digital products by providing dedicated services focusing on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


1. Flawless Performance

Rigorous testing and optimization pave the way for a confident launch, ensuring your software performs flawlessly and delivers a seamless user experience that sets you apart.


2. Unleash Innovation

Partner with testing experts to unlock your software's full potential. Deliver a groundbreaking experience that delights your audience and sets you apart.


3. Speed to Market

Get your software market-ready faster with efficient testing. Minimize delays, gain a competitive edge, and maximize your return on investment.


4. Value-Driven Testing

Experience exceptional value with our competitively priced services. Ensure top-notch testing without breaking the bank and avoid costly post-launch issues.


5. Your Trusted Ally

Navigate the development journey with confidence. We're your collaborative partner, committed to open communication and your ultimate success.

Our Clients

We Work with Clients Across Industries

We enable our clients to improve software quality by providing innovative functional and non-functional testing services with the help of 360-degree assistance.

Our Expertise

We utilize the top tools and technologies to offer the best-in-class service

We stay up-to-date with industry trends, best DevOps tools and best practices to go above and beyond your expectations while delivering DevOps services.