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The automotive industry is undergoing a profound digital transformation, shaping the future of mobility. According to a report by McKinsey, digital technologies are projected to contribute up to $1.5 trillion in annual automotive industry profits by 2030.

This transformation is driven by advancements in autonomous vehicles, connected car technologies, electric mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Embracing digital transformation enables automotive companies to optimize manufacturing processes, enhance vehicle performance, and deliver personalized, connected experiences to customers. Moreover, a study by Capgemini revealed that 63% of automotive executives believe that digital transformation is essential to drive competitive advantage.

At Codetru, we empower automotive companies to leverage digital technologies and innovative solutions, helping them stay at the forefront of this transformative journey and redefine the future of mobility.

Our Solutions

Connected Car Technologies

We provide expertise in developing connected car solutions that enable real-time vehicle monitoring, remote diagnostics, over-the-air updates, and seamless integration with other devices and systems.

Autonomous Vehicle Software

Our team specializes in developing software solutions for autonomous vehicles, including perception, planning, and control systems, enabling safe and reliable self-driving capabilities.

Telematics Solutions

We offer telematics solutions that leverage GPS, cellular, and onboard diagnostics technologies to track and analyze vehicle data, empowering fleet management, driver behavior monitoring, and optimized routing.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Our MES solutions optimize manufacturing processes by integrating data from various production systems, improving efficiency, quality control, and enabling real-time visibility into production operations.

Augmented Reality (AR) for Automotive

We develop AR applications that enhance the automotive experience, including virtual vehicle configurators, service manuals, and training simulations, improving customer engagement and service efficiency.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Solutions

We provide solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including smart charging stations, energy management systems, and integration with renewable energy sources, supporting the transition to sustainable transportation.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

We leverage advanced analytics and AI-driven insights to help automotive companies derive meaningful intelligence from their data, enabling informed decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies.

Integration and Interoperability

We facilitate seamless integration between disparate healthcare systems, ensuring smooth data exchange, interoperability, and fostering collaboration among healthcare providers for improved care coordination.

Why Codetru

Leading the Way in Digital Innovation & Excellence

At Codetru, we're passionate about enabling companies to build best-in-class digital products by providing dedicated services focusing on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


1. Experience & Expertise

Our team of experienced professionals is well-equipped with modern technologies. As a software development company, we work closely with you to understand your business challenges and provide an efficient project roadmap.


2. Quality of Service

With our pool of experts, we leave no stone unturned to offer best-in-class quality, reliable, efficient and scalable solutions while delivering software and IT services to help you achieve your business goals.


3. Innovative Approach

We stay up to date with the latest technology and trends and use them while building a roadmap for you. We think outside with an innovative approach to your project from start to finish.


4. Strong Market Sense

Our industry-agnostic form and ability to understand market trends make us unique in sensing what tech stacks and methodologies work for your business requirements.


5. Competitive Pricing

We leverage the best and proven tools and methodologies and deliver expert services to offer you the best return on investment.

Our Clients

We Work with Clients Across Industries

We enable our clients to improve software quality by providing innovative functional and non-functional testing services with the help of 360-degree assistance.